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Colo’s is a place where people come to enjoy great food, people and entertainment. A credible consistent place for foodie’s, and those who are inspired by the culinary culture. Soul food isn’t just food it’s an experience, a journey of rich history like no other with symbolic signature dishes. Bold savory  flavors, fresh vegetables, herbs, and meats. Food preparation is a sacrifice. Long hours days and nights of praying over our food and meats before cleaning and butchering. Making sure our dining areas, kitchens, and kitchen  equipment, are always safely maintained, and sanitized , to insure great kitchen etiquette practice and integrity. Our food is sourced right here in Sacramento, we believe in Farm To Farm. 

Colo’s “Inspired By Cora Lorraine’s is a Family owned business with roots from Oakland California, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans Louisiana. Tulsa Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, and a few places back east like Baltimore Maryland, but Richmond Virginia being the heart of them. Colo’s is a community driven small business whose main focus is Family and seeing a thriving community. We are here to serve all walks of life,  the homeless and Mental health issues in Sacramento is one of our concerns and we’ve been committed in helping with the little resources we have without publicly expressing or exploiting our aid in that struggle. We are members of both and work very closely with The California Chamber of Commerce, and The Black Chamber of Commerce, but have collaborated with some of the Chambers as well. We have partnered with both the City and the County of Sacramento to do Senior and Family meals during Co-Vid. We also cater for large parties and private events food vendor for some of the annual festivals, concerts, and business seminars. Along with holding jazz, blues, r&b , some open mike nights, also bringing comedy to the Colo’s stage as well.


Sacramento News And Review Spotlight Article

Colo’s Spices Up Neighborhood


Colo’s Southern Cafe’

2326 Del Paso Blvd,

Sacramento, CA 95815




Thursday through Sunday 

from 1pm to 7pm

(The Bar closes at 7pm)

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